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Project management software tailor made for your needs

Easy Project is adjustable for every company and

industry. Level up your management to Easy

Project 13.

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WBS, Gantt Chart, SCRUM, Kanban: Everything you need is available in Easy Project

A well-executed project management makes it possible for you to achieve harmony in your projects, teams and throughout your companies. ​


That's why Easy Project was made just like a "Swiss army knife" tool and it is adaptable to your needs. Critical requirements such as Agile, Waterfall, B2B, CRM, Help Desk are all in it. ​


Easy Project will support you at all stages of your project through professional services such as adaptation, support, webinars, and online training.

The Best PM Tools

Gantt, WBS, Earned Value, Kanban, SCRUM, Resource Management and much more - they all were integrated for you and your teams.


Setting flows and permissions are now just a click away. With its 15 pre-made indicator and role dashboards, it is perfect for every industry and company.

Quick Access

With data centers located around the world and solutions for your own server, response times and speed are at a high level.

100% Mobile

You can manage your projects from any mobile device, wherever you are. Independent and maximum efficiency is now possible.

Business Meeting

We make implementations for every industry

Easy Project has been developed to meet the specific needs of various sectors such as IT and software, industry, service, education and public and can be used on an individual, team or company basis. In other words, enjoy our software that is optimally adapted to your needs!


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