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The right place to grow and improve your business

Founded in 2018, powered by project management and change management expertise, we as Techvisor Consultancy aim to assist companies in every aspect on their journey to become more efficient.

Partnerships with critical software companies make Techvisor Consultancy a complete solution package that meet the need for consultation of our customers as well as digitalization.

Keeping "Use Case Examples" in mind that come with more than 3000 companies throughout the world as well as analyzing your special needs will make you manage your copmany "easier".

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We met Aslı Alpdoğan from Techvisor while we were looking for a reliable and professional software company to manage our company's workflow processes. She listened to our demands with her high motivation and interest since our first meeting. She presented us with a detailed yet a very simple budget and program within the time specified. From the day we chose her company, she served as a part of our team. During this period, she analyzed the functioning of our company, gave correct guidance regarding our needs and returned with the solutions that best suited our expectations. While doing these, she always gave positive feedback as soon as possible. Therefore, she shaped the Easy Redmine software in accordance with our company's expectations and enabled us to put it into use much earlier than we expected.


Thanks to Techvisor and the Easy Redmine software we installed in our company, we can now measure and manage our workflow processes much more clearly. We can instantly observe customer-based, project-based or personnel-based performances with zero errors. In this way, we have prepared ourselves for the new era in terms of speed and profitability, which are the most important areas of opportunity in today's business world.


We would like to thank Techvisor and Mrs. Aslı Alpdoğan for recommending the Easy Redmine softwarand providing consultancy services. Our cooperation with them on a consultancy basis continues.

Orhan Irmak Tasarım

Easy Redmine Finance Module

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